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Pre-teens in panty hose

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Related post: Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2005 07:52:07 -0800 (PST) From: Jack Santoro Subject: Reunion With Al, Part 3, Adult Friends, 3/6Reunion with Al, Part 3 By Al and I had encountered each other long after we'd been in kid pre-teens nude school together, and now we seemed to be making up for lost time. We'd enjoyed stroking each other to orgasm several times, exploring the pleasures of peeing in the swedish pre-teen models shower, pinching our foreskins shut at the ends and making them balloon. We'd had mind-shattering orgasms, relishing every moment, and this weekend we were ready for more. "I haven't come since I last saw you," he said as I walked into his house. "I've been saving pre-teen i am fool it up for a big blast-off with you." Al was already naked. "Same here," I replied. I found that I pre-teen anal come harder when I hold off for a few days. Some guys come every day, or two or more times a day. I don't think they come as hard because they don't build up as much juice." "I'm with you," he said. "Saving it up always gives me a hotter come. pre-teen pic forum I shoot a lot more, too." pre-teen index I stripped down hurriedly, eager to resume our mutual explorations. "You're already half-hard," I commented as I dropped my shorts. "So are you," he observed, watching my prick swelling from anticipation. "Anyway, come on into the bedroom. I've got a little surprise for you." I followed him in after removing my shoes and socks, and found two other guys lounging on the queen sized bed, pre-teen sex 15 toplist fondling each other's erections. Both had the same sandy hair as Al, and I realized that they must be his brothers. "I don't know if you recognize Tom and Tim," Al began by way of introduction. They dropped their pricks and stood up to shake hands. Both were about the same size as Al, and younger. "We'd been playing around before you came." "Tom's my younger brother," he continued. "We've gotten together again, he's divorced too, and Tim is the youngest, and he never married." I noticed that Tom's seven-inch erection had a long tight foreskin that formed a narrow nipple beyond the glans, while Tim's prick was about the same size, but bare-headed, with a thick brown scar ring behind the rim. "I thought all you brothers weren't cut," I said. "Tim was delivered by a different doctor, and he persuaded my parents to have him cut. Tom's always had a long tight skin, and he young pre-teens puffy still can't get it back. The doctor had seen this during a check-up, and told my parents he ought to have it cut off. They refused because they didn't want him to undergo the trauma of the surgery, but they said okay for Tim when he was born because he wouldn't remember it later. "That doctor cut me pretty tight," Tim said. "I've got no slack at all." "I remember when Tim came home from the hospital, and my mother took off his diaper to change him, Al said. "His cock was all red and sore because he was still bleeding a little around the cut, and he was crying a lot because there was piss and shit all over the wound. He was in a world of hurt, and Tom and I were really glad our parents hadn't had it done underground pre-teen to us." "I'm glad I wasn't cut," Tom said. "I'm better off even though I can't get the skin back at all, even now." "How do you clean it?" I asked. "I've got a little baby enema," Tom pre-teen tgps replied. "Every few days I fill it with hot water and stick the nozzle inside my skin to flush it out. My cock doesn't get that dirty, anyway, and each morning in the shower I piss xxx pre-teen photos inside the skin while I hold the end shut. That's good enough for a quick cleaning. My wife thought my cock was weird, though, and she said she'd make sure any kids we had got clipped. We didn't have any kids, though." "Growing up with nuide pre-teens pics two uncut brothers was strange for me, and it was scary, especially after I found out I was the one feet pics tgp pre-teen who'd been cut, said Tim. "I always wished they'd left me the hell alone. I don't think having a tight skin would happen twice in the same family, and I sweet nude pre-teen girls would probably have turned out like Al." "We were always good to our kid brother," said Tom. "Since he didn't have any skin of his pre-teen model photos own, we always shared ours with him." "One thing we never did was dock him," contributed Al to the discussion. "My skin's too short little pre-teen model sites to dock anyone, and Tom's was always too tight." Al grasped Tom's penis and began pushing the foreskin down along the rigid shaft. I watched as the skin stretched back along the prominent bulge of the glans and then stopped, a narrow ring at the end preventing further retraction. "That's as far as it goes," said Tom. "You can just barely see the pee-hole through the opening." I bent down free pre-teen links and saw that the foreskin's orifice was perhaps an eighth of an inch wide, just enough to glimpse the slit behind it. The little of his tip I could see was red and looked very sensitive. "Can I skin yours back?" asked Tim as he approached me. "I've always been fascinated by uncut cocks, and yours is really nice." I sat on the edge of the bed and he sat next to me as his hand went to my crotch. "Go ahead," I encouraged him. "Mine skins back all the way." His warm fingers closed gently around my shaft and he dragged the skin back, peeling my foreskin off the glans. "Jack's cock-head's a really nice helmet shape," said Al as his youngest brother revealed it to us, the thick fleshy cowl stretching over the bulk of my glans and then snapping down into the deep groove behind it. Tim leaned down and inhaled. "I love that aroma. It's just like my nonnude pre-teen brothers' but a little different. It's really sexy." As he spoke I reached down to squeeze his blunt glans between thumb and forefinger to make his cock-root throb. I squeezed several times, knowing that this would reinforce his already powerful erection. "That feel good?" I asked, already knowing the answer. "Oh, yeah," Tim replied. "This is heaven for me, feelin' your cock-skin and super hot pre-teen fucking having you play with mine." "I'll bet you make him come really quick," said Tom. "We've already been playing with our cocks for half an hour. Al can tell you that." Tom sat on Tim's pre-teen models links other side and reached down to cup his balls. "My brothers have low-hangers just like me," said Al. "You can see they're both getting' tight now, Tim especially because he's handling your cock. That's really turnin' him on." I saw that the tip of Al's prick, visible through the quarter-sized slot in his partly retracted foreskin, was wet with clear lubricant. A thin dribble came from the end of Tom's foreskin nipple. "Let's give Baby Brother's cock some lube," Tom suggested. He stood in front of Tim and squeezed his shaft and foreskin, milking out a few drops of clear fluid that dripped down in a long string onto Tim's swollen prick. Al was next, giving Tim at least a teaspoon of lubricant that eased the movement of my fingers on the swollen flesh. Tim lay back on the bed, taking in the multiple sensations. "I want to taste your cock," he said to me as he slipped my foreskin forward to encase the almost bursting helmet. I scooted around into a "69" position with Tim, my prick almost touching his lips while I began long and satisfying strokes on his circumcised erection. The young sexy pre-teen models lips of Tim's long slit gaped as I moved my fist back along his glans, and a drop of lubricant appeared to fill the gap. I brought my hand forward again to pick up the liquid and spread it over the sensitive surface. Now I felt Tim's tongue stretching my foreskin as it pressed in, seeking my glans. "I'm going to work on the head and rim," I said as I massaged the end of Tim's hard prick. "I'm going to hit the rim and the sensitive skin right behind it too." Tim's tongue probed my pee-hole as Al moved in with a towel, ready to catch Tim's imminent ejaculation. "His tip's already getting' darker," said Tom as he continued to knead Tim's balls gently. I felt the swollen glans harden against my fingers as it lost its sponginess. Tim was very excited now, and pre-teen small girl pic his eager fingers stripped back my hood to let his tongue lick all around my helmet, from blunt dome down to the corona, which swelled even further in response. Now he swept my foreskin forward again to engulf his tongue, which clung to my pre-teen modeling pictures helmet as if it had been glued. "His tip's hard, very free pre-teen pic hard," I exclaimed as I changed my stroke. "I think he needs a little rotary action," I continued as I began twisting my fist with every stroke, massaging the nerve endings in the thick corona and in the groove behind it. Tim's heavy breathing changed to a squeak at the sudden intense sensations, and his body stiffened. "He's right on the edge," Al said. Tim released my prick and lay flat, and pre-teen pedo I knew his mind was totally absorbed with anticipation as the stimulation of his prick and scrotum brought him pre-teen rusan models closer to the brink. "Just relax and let it happen, Tim," I urged him. "I'm gonna make sure you cream a lot. "His sexy pre-teen boy eyes are closed now," observed Al. "Any second now," he continued as he began twisting his kid brother's nipples. Tim's prick was aimed at my face as I continued to stroke him with the twisting circular strokes I pre-teen russian nude girls knew were reaching deep into his prick and cock-root. The long slit dribbled lubricant and the drops ran down the head under my encircling fingers. Tim's breathing was now heavy, a series of loud grunts as his body reacted automatically, preparing for the explosive release of orgasm. I felt a sudden hard throb in his shaft and tip, and heard him cry out as the white pre-teen 10 yo fuck creamy liquid boiled up out of his straining glans to hit me on the cheek. The hot fluid ran down my face as Al placed a towel to catch the next stream that was just pre-teen russian girls nude erupting from his hard, throbbing pre-teen models nude cp prick. I felt each pulse in my hand as Tim's sperm flew in thick ropes from the fully distended slit, and heard his loud cries as waves of sensation wracked his body. "His balls are throbbing too!" exclaimed Tom, his face inches from mine as he watched his brother's joyful thrashing. I twisted my fist around the tip again to bring forth another agonizing spasm that made Tim bellow in ecstasy. Tim's next eruption was softer, less intense, and the following one more muted. I kept stroking him to prolong the delicious sensations, hoping to drain him utterly. Now nude pre-teen modles the creamy jets turned into dribbles that flowed from pre-teen skirt the long slit into the towel that Al held just below it, and I knew his peak had passed. I slowed my strokes, knowing that each friction would give him another increment of pleasure, until he became still. "He's finished," said Tom as he released pre-teenie non-nude panty portals his brother's cute pre-teen tight scrotum. "Good thing you kept stroking him to the end," he added. "He needed that." "I would've been screaming if you hadn't stopped stroking when you did me," Al said. "My tip gets super-sensitive about half-way through." "So does mine," said Tom. "Even with the skin covering it, I have to let up before young pre-teen pics I finish coming." "I've done circumcised guys before," I said. "I know that their tips aren't as sensitive as ours, and they can take more stroking. "That's why Tim's slower to come," said Al. "I wish my tip was as sensitive as you guys," loita pre-teen stories said Tim as he opened his eyes. "Your japanes pre-teen sexy photo skins are sensitive too. I don't get the same feelings like you do." "You did pretty well this time," pre-teens free sex pics Tom said encouragingly. "You were all turned on feeling Jack's uncut cock, I was working on your balls, Jack did a great job stroking your cock, and Al twisted your nipples." "Yeah, Tim, your orgasm was intense," I added. "I felt your prick throbbing hard while I was stroking it." "That twisting action on my tip was really hot," Tim said. "I'm glad you know that little trick." "As I said, I've done cut guys before," I replied. "I know what feels good for you." "Good thing he let go your cock before he came. He might have made you come before you wanted to. He might pre-teen erotica models even have bit you," Al laughed. "I think Tom's ready for one now," I suggested. "He was hard before I got here, pre-teen bikinni models and he's probably ready to blast off." "I am, buddy, I am. Want to do me, if you're not too tired?" "I'd love to, with your brothers' help," I replied. "I'll do your prick a little differently, because you still have your foreskin. "Remember, he can't get pre-teen pictures hardcore it back off the head," pre-teen porn forums Al reminded me. "No problem," I answered. "I know how to handle that. You just lie back, Tom, and we'll take care of you." As Tom took Tim's place on the bed I sat next to him and placed my palms on both sides of his swollen member. Tim crept between his spread legs to cup his balls, and Al got another towel. I began moving my palms in opposite directions, twisting Tom's tight foreskin around his swollen glans. "That feel good, Buddy?" I asked, knowing what the answer would be. "Oh, yeah, yeah!" Tom exclaimed as the sensations began pouring into his tender tip. "I'm not just massaging your tip, I'm stretching your foreskin with each twist," I explained as I went faster. "You just try to relax, pre-teen little girls ed and leave the driving to us." Tom was already primed by witnessing his brother's orgasm, and I knew it wouldn't take long. Tim had stopped cupping his brother's scrotum, and was now tugging it down towards his knees, stretching the sac. "My friend Stan taught me this pre-teen boys nude gallery trick," I added. "It's really stimulating, and Tom won't know where he is in a few more seconds." Tom had begun keening at the intensity of the sensations I was pouring into his already over-stimulated prick, and his legs began trembling. "His eyes just closed," Al reported as he held the towel in one hand and twisted Tom's right nipple with the other. "I think he's right on the edge." "He sure is. I can feel it," I said as my palms twisted Tom's long tight foreskin one way, and then the other, pouring heavy friction into his straining glans. "The head's all swollen inside his foreskin." I felt the slack in his foreskin tighten each time I twisted it, and I knew I was stretching the many nerve endings in his fleshy hood and his gee-string to send thrills down his shaft. Now a steady stream of lubricant poured from the small orifice at pre-teen sex videos the end of his tight fleshy hood, threatening to loosen my grip. I pressed my palms together more tightly to bring on his climax. Tom's heavy breathing changed to a sharp grunt as I felt the first hard throb in his prick. The first heavy white stream blasted through the end of his foreskin, too powerful to be slowed or deflected by the tight hood, and landed on his stomach. Al immediately covered it with the towel and began twisting both of Tom's nipples hard. "He's shooting," I said unnecessarily as I felt another hard throb in his hard, fleshy pole, and I watched another white creamy jet fly from the pre-teens thumbs end of the tight foreskin in an arc. His throbbing glans hammered through the skin against my palms as I twisted the hood sharply over it, and I heard him cry out helplessly as the joyful agony of orgasm flowed through his body. Now Tom's cries took on a higher note, and I knew that his prick had become super-sensitive. I was surprised it had taken so long, given that his glans had never been uncovered, and should have been very sensitive from the start. I stopped twisting his foreskin and pinched the long nippled end shut with thumb and forefinger, watching the ample hood distend as it ballooned with his cream. Tim was still stretching Tom's pre-teen masturbate scrotum, adding to his sensations without over-stimulating the tender glans, which was pre-teen sex pussy awash with semen inside the ballooning foreskin. I could imagine what Tom was feeling as the hot sperm swirled around his tender glans and into the groove behind his swollen crown. Tom cried out again, but not as loudly, as the force of his orgasm spent itself, and finally he began to relax. I gently laid his still hard prick on the towel and released the end of his foreskin, which gushed a thick rope of cream. "I guess we'd better let him rest for a while," I suggested. "His tip must be really tender inside that hood." "I know it is," Al answered. "I wouldn't even touch it right now. Let's just let the juice dribble out of there, and he can squeeze out the rest when he feels like it." Tom was flat on his back, chest still heaving with the after-effects of his orgasm, while his breathing slowly returned to normal. "I think pre-teen girls pics you're next, Al," said his youngest brother. "You pre-teen model forums were pretty hot for a while before Jack came, and you probably need relief." He fingered Al's foreskin as he spoke, and the depth of his fascination with foreskins was obvious. Al's foreskin was too short to stretch out in from of his swollen mushroom, and Tim twisted it around the head with two fingers. "I guess we don't have to wait for Tom," pre-teen-illegal nn pre-teen blog said Al. "He looks like he needs to rest up for a while anyway." I cupped Al's tight scrotum, which had contracted so that none of its former looseness was apparent. Tim began to work the foreskin back in rotating strokes, gradually baring the big purple head. Drops of clear fluid seeped from between the lips of Al's illegal pre-teen nude long slit, parting them gently and oozing down to lubricate the foreskin. "I love the smell of Al's cock and the juice he's having now," said Tim as he extended his tongue to lap at the exposed slit. Al shuddered when he felt his brother's warm tongue lapping his slit, and then Tim licked down the head, reaching the triangular groove underneath where the gee-string connected the glans to the foreskin. His tongue-tip lapped naked pre-teen boy under the eaves where the two sides of his corona met, and Al shuddered again as the tongue probed his sensitive nerve endings. "I'll lick the top," I said as I twisted my body so that I was able to run my tongue around the flange of Al's glans, also probing into the deep groove behind it. The retracted foreskin formed a collar behind the corona and groove, inverted so that its sensitive inner layer was exposed to my tongue, and as I licked at the delicate nerve free pre-teen porn websites endings I inhaled the delicious aroma of Al's pre-teen boobs wet glans and hood. He'd been secreting while we'd been giving tim and Tom their orgasms, and the glossy tissues were slippery with the clear goo that Tim was finding so tasty. "Let me get at it," Tim said, and I moved so little angel pre-teen models pre-teen illegal thumb that he could take his brother's engorged prick solidly into his mouth. "Pump him while I suck him," he said, his words muffled by the hot prick that was filling his mouth. young pre-teen pussy I grasped Al's shaft with my free hand and began stroking the skin in time with Tim's movements. Meanwhile, Tom had recovered and positioned himself by Al's head, and was now reaching down to twist his nipples. "We won't need a towel if you swallow him," I said to Tim, who nodded affirmatively as he continued to suck avidly at Al's hot straining prick. I felt Al's shaft fill out and harden even more as Tim and I continued our tandem stimulation. As Tim raised his head, I stroked the foreskin upward pre-teen russian family to follow his lips, and when he moved down to engulf the hot glans I pulled the fleshy hood back to give him access. Al's breathing was heavy and labored because he was flushed and tense with excitement, as his brothers had been minutes before. Now he'd begun to grunt with each downward lunge of Tim's lips that encased his swollen head right down to the thick corona, and I knew that he'd be blasting his load soon. I wanted him to get as much from the experience as possible, so I spoke: "Al, try to stay relaxed. I know it's hard, but don't tense up. Let the orgasm come to you. It'll feel better the longer you take to come." Al moaned incoherently in reply, helpless to resist the effects of the multiple stimulation. I was pumping his foreskin over the sensitive glans, Tim's lips were caressing it with each stroke, and Tim was tugging on his tight sac as well. Tom's fingers were twisting Al's nipples while we were working on his prick, attacking him from both ls-magazine pre-teen ends. Al's eyes closed as the moment approached. Now Al's clear lubricant, mixed with Tim's saliva, was oozing down from between his glans and Tim's lips, running down over my japanese nude pre-teen tightly clasping young hot pre-teen girls fingers. I decided to change tactics, and drew Al's foreskin back hard to clear the glans and the deep groove behind it. I pulled back hard enough to stretch the skin tightly and to put tension on Al's thick gee-string, and when Tim withdrew his head I could see that the tension had pulled the front of Al's mushroom down towards his balls. I kept the tension as Al grunted loudly, and a moment later I felt the tell-tale pulse in his shaft. "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" Al bellowed as the powerful first pulse filled his prick and I knew that Tim must be getting a geyser of his delicious white cream in his mouth. Tim's Adam's apple bobbed as he swallowed hard, and then he pushed his lips down to engulf the throbbing glans again. I felt Al's prick pulse pthc tiny girl pre-teen again as he howled helplessly and knew that Tim's tonsils must be getting flooded with his brother's sperm. Al cried out again and his hips bucked as a sexy japanese pre-teens third pulse filled his shaft. Tim swallowed hard as he pulled back from the wet swollen glans. Al's tip was deep purple, swollen with excitement, and I felt his shaft pulse again between my tightly clasping fingers. "His tip's getting' too sensitive about now," Tim explained as he licked his lips, catching several drops of sperm that had spilled from his mouth. I maintained my grip, knowing that the tension on Al's gee-string wouldn't cause him distress as would direct friction on the over-excited glans, and I watched Al's dark purple tip spew a thick jet into the air. His shaft throbbed again, and another jet shot straight into the air to fall back on the glossy purple tip, running down the shaft onto my encircling fingers and then into his pubic hair. Al grunted again, and a lesser gush poured from his distended slit, coursing down his mushroom and shaft. Al's tender, throbbing tip was coated with white cream now, and we watched his orgasm run its course. His grunts became fainter as his tension eased and now he just moaned pre-teen underage nude porn as a steady dribble flowed from pre-teen sex stories his slit. Tom had let go of Al's nipples and gotten a towel, which he deployed over Al's stomach, pressing an edge into his pubic hair to sop pre-teen underaged nude pics up the spilled cream. young pre-teen nudist Al's residue was almost clear now, almost devoid of sperm, seeping out as his prick began to soften. pre-teen soft-porn I let go, and let his prick pre-teens naturism drop. We sat back, enjoying the sight of Al coming down off the high of his orgasm and sinking into the daze that follows. His prick was now limp on the towel, although still swollen, the models pre-teen foreskin creeping forward to cover the sensitive tip. After several minutes of silence, Tim said: "What about Jack? It's his turn now." He grasped my still hard prick and began working my foreskin up and down the big helmet. "Let me do that, Tim," Al said. "Jack's pre-teen naked photos been working on us and now he needs relief. I know exactly what can do it for him." He grasped my prick with his left hand, fingers curling expertly around the shaft, and drew the foreskin back all the pre-teens raped videos way. He used the fingers of his right hand to begin a deep and satisfying massage of my tender glans. "He's got so much skin," Tim commented as he watched Al expose my helmet. Al's fingertips insistently massaged my nerve endings, nude female pre-teen working across my meatus and then back along the broad upper surface, finally circling the flaring corona. I writhed in ecstasy at the sharp sensations, and began moaning helplessly. My prick throbbed rhythmically as pre-teen black sex Al's fingers continued to work their magic on my sensitive tip. "I'll stretch his balls," Tim commented as his fingers grasped the skin of my sac, tugging downward. "Man, his balls are really tight." I felt the nerve endings in my scrotum stretching as Tim tugged repeatedly, setting up a rhythm that fuled my excitement. I was shuddering now, and my black pre-teen porno legs began to tremble. "You're really reaching him," Tom pre-teen fuck asian said as he began twisting my pre-teen cuties nipples. "See how big and swollen his helmet is?" Al asked as he massaged my corona lightly and then his fingertips descended into the groove porn pre-teen girls sex behind it. "Jack doesn't usually lube that much, but now he's pre-teen in panties really leaking. He's really worked up." "His slit's shaped like a teardrop," Tim added, tugging on my scrotum, stretching the hairy skin. "His cock pre-teen hot pictures smells nice, too." "His helmet's getting horney pre-teens harder now," Al added as he ran a fingertip into the triangular groove under my glans. Hot sparks of sensation stabbed deep into my helmet as Al continued to work his fingertips around its contours, and I moaned loudly as my eyes closed involuntarily. I was writhing on the bed, assaulted pre-teens naked model by the multiple sensations, and although I was trying to stay relaxed, I knew I wouldn't be able to hold out for long. My glans ached for release, and my shaft felt so rigid that I thought it would snap or burst. "AH-AH-AH-AH!" I moaned, helpless in their hands as my excitement mounted. A deep tickle filled my helmet wherever Al's fingers touched it, and now the tickle changed to a hot tingle that spread down my shaft. Suddenly, something snapped inside me, and I felt a sharp contraction in my cock-root. The first heavy squirt shot into pre-teen movie sex my urethra, producing an intense tickle, and then the stream gushed up my shaft, searing me like hot lava as I cried out in blissful agony. I felt pre-teens boys naked the sharp sensation as the burning jet rounded the curve in my urethra up into the glans. "He's coming!" Tim cried as my stream spewed from my prick. My cock-root contracted again, and another pre-teen nipple pics hot jet coursed up my tube to erupt from my straining glans as I writhed helplessly on the bed. My mind was on "HOLD" pre-teens teens anal as the delicious sensations filled my body, spreading from my crotch to the ends of my fingers and toes. Al's expert fingers circled the head again, provoking another gush that slammed through the lips of my come-hole. Now I felt a sharp pre-teen sex links scrape of a rough towel against my glans as someone held the cloth against the opening to contain my jets, and my cries grew higher-pitched. Suddenly, the friction against pre-teen nude boys my throbbing tip stopped, probably because pre-teen nude thumbnails someone had realized it was becoming overly sensitive, but Al's grip on my shaft didn't slacken, nor did Tim's tension on my scrotum. The remaining gushes were getting weaker, and my orgasm faded in a rush of mind-numbing sensation. I lay totally inert, dazed by the after-shock. Nobody spoke for a long while. When I finally opened my eyes, I saw Al smiling down at me. "Boy, you really creamed good," he said, and the others joined in with pre-teenpics their comments. "That big tip really spit the juice," Tom said. "I had a front-row seat." "Your tip was really hard, and pre-teens in panty hose it got so dark just before you came, that the back face of the rim was almost black," Al added. "I could feel the throbs in the skin of your balls," Tim said. "Thanks, guys," was all I could say for a long while. Al leaned down and gave boys sex pre-teen me a dry kiss on the lips. "We'll have to get together again," said Tim. "This was so hot, three guys with natural cocks." "Next time, maybe Jack can dock you," Al said to Tim. "He's sure got a lot of skin," Tim answered. "He's got as much as Tom, but it's not tight." "Sliding it up pre-teen bukkake and down that big helmet loosened it for him," observed Al. "He's been doing that for years," he laughed. "Didn't work for me," said Tom. "I can't even get it back half-way." "I had a friend who had a tight foreskin," I cut in. "I can show you what he did to work it loose. It takes weeks or months, but it works." "Does it hurt?" pre-teen in panties pics asked Tom. "No, not at pre-teen tights all," I answered "He just pre-teen boy sex pics kept little tubes taped in there. Each week he'd use a slightly larger tube. That progressively stretched it until he was able to skin it back all the way. Today his foreskin's like mine, snug but retractable." "Okay, sounds good," said Tom. "I'll give it a try." "Let's get together again pre-teen models magazine next week," said Al. "Okay, I said. "I'll give my friend a call and see if he's still got the tubes." "Yeah, and then you can try docking Tim, too," said Al.End of Part 3
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